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This split is released by Production 386 in association with Kicking Records, Dirty Witch & Some Produkt


released August 28, 2015

All songs written and performed either by Peter Black or Forest Pooky


all rights reserved



Forest Pooky Serrières, France

Forest Pooky was born in the USA, grew up in France with musicians as elder brothers and became one himself. The Pookies, Sons of Buddha, Black Zombie Procession, Annita Babyface and the Tasty Poneys, Opium du Peuple are bands he plays or played in these last 15 years as guitar, bass and/or singer.

Now on his own acoustic material, he's still breakingstrings and singing hard to get you high.
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Track Name: Forest Pooky - Let you in
A crippled thought daydreaming solitude
Kept me hanging
When silence broke in I was already pretty far

I’ll let you in
I’ll let you in

A stupid smile hanging from above
I kept staring
Is someone out there, is there anyone at all

I’ll let you in, I’ll try
I’ll let you in, just try

I’ll let you in and out of my brains for a while
And if they could I’m pretty sure they’d cry
My poor brains
Track Name: Forest Pooky - You're a mess
I woke up at 3 am
My brains are in a mess again
I can't remember last time I've dreamed
About a nice and cool or funny scene

My anxious alter ego is questioning the floor.
The light sleep might come from underground, from deeper down

It isn't always about the cemetery
It doesn't always have to be so scary / creepy
Defeat the corpses in your head
They're more alive than they are dead
And you're a mess.

I woke up at 3 again
Could it be that this place was built on sacred land ?
Reason left me days ago
The lack of sleep makes me slip solo

You’re afraid of the inside
You’re afraid from the outside
You’re afraid without knowing why
You shake when the sun comes down
Your heart aches when you drop your knees to the ground
Begging you don’t know who to
Help you with your self-made demons
Stuck into yourself
Track Name: Forest Pooky - Choosing lies
Systems around, they keep me a lie
I’ll just sit here on the ground
And let time fly me by
Sick from the sound, I choose height

I’m choosing lies and I’m fetching sorrow
When I close my eyes to do what I’m told, tonight

A step form the cloud a step from myself
It’s harder to bow, when open eyes see the wreck
Sick from the sound, I choose height

I’m choosing lies and I’m fetching sorrow
When I close my eyes to do what I’m told
The message is dull, our feelings are sore
When we all close our eyes and do what we’re told

Are you a lie?
And do you belong here ?

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